>>> Showreel 2017

Our showreel includes a short extract of our animated works and gives an impression of our graphical approach, sense of timing and humour. We love handmade drawn animation but also provide other techniques like cut-out, stop motion and motion graphics. We always look at the specific needs of a project and choose technique and style according to it and together with our clients.

Commissioned Work

Our studio specializes in character animation, design and illustration and stands for convincing, point-to-point design. To think outside the box and come up with something unexpected is what keeps people engaged and fascinated. Products, brands and services thus can be placed in focus and information be conveyed more effectively. We always look forward to exciting projects!

Character Design & Illustration

Nothing is more compelling to your audience and target group than characters who strike a chord with them. People love creatures because they reflect and transport emotions, thoughts and needs. When designing a character or imagining situations and scenes we care a lot about the audiences´ connection to it. Creating worlds and characters with thought, humour and care is what breathes life into your product and makes it more than a product.

Trial & Error - Animated Short

Houston, we made an animated short! And what is it about? - Stockholm Film Festival puts it like this: „In the 5-minute film delightfully funny elements and tender side notes blend into a heartfelt storyline. Adding to the finely drawn characters and quirky wit of the story is the delightfully quirky British accent of narrator Alexis Krüger.“ We are very happy that „Trial & Error“ has successfully run the festival circuit so far, been received quite positively and even won us some awards.

Cat Lake City - Animated series in Production

Percy Cat is looking forward to some quality time in CAT LAKE CITY – the vacation paradise for cats. Due to some stubborn beach neighbours however the spot on his bath towel is not as safe as he thinks it is; and besides, inflatable flamingos aren't easily to handle as well. Being confident and witty, will Percy Cat save the day?

PAWO - Animated Short

PAWO has participated in over 200 international film festivals, won several awards and is still being shown around the world. It wasn´t only screened at film festivals, but also on TV, at open air venues, as part of educational programs – and even in hospitals a few times. It's awesome that so many people enjoyed watching the film and that we get such wonderful and heartfelt responses!  

Trainings | Courses | Workshops

Protoplanet also conducts courses for beginners and intermediate students to teach and share the joy of animating. We hold workshops for children and teens, give university courses as well as private lessons.

Lumo – Whiteboard Stopmotion Animated Short

""Everything is in flux, always in motion and can change from one second to the next. This imaginative animation film shows not only the creative expression of filmmaker Antje Heyn but also the power of illusion. A bear transforms into a sea lion or the face of a pirate turns into the portrait of an Asian girl - just like that. All this is packed together and presented charmingly and at a dazzling pace – an animated, flowing stream of thoughts, exhilarating and radiantly good." FBW