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Protoplanet Studio

Protoplanet  is an award winning, specialized in 2D Character Animation, Design and Illustration in the heart of Berlin. By creating and bringing our own characters to life, we would like to make the world a little friendlier and brighter. We create and animate commercials, explanatory and image films, animation short films & amp; series, music videos, apps, games, animated greeting cards, etc. We love convincing, getting to the heart design, as well as the unexpected and thinking outside the box.

Products, brands and services can be brought into focus more effectively with convincing design and skillful animation conveying information more effectively. Animation combines design, illustration, music, storytelling and drama to create a unique form of expression that appeals to the heart visually, audibly and emotionally. To skillfully combine these trades, a talented and dedicated team is needed, who understands his craft and translates the ideas and wishes of the customers into moving pictures with heart, mind and wit.

We look forward to exciting project inquiries!

Our Services


Drawn figures within advertising are eye-catchers – and something to be remembered. They make a lasting impression and create a high level of identification. Protoplanet characters give your products and services an unmistakable charm.

Explanatory Films

Everything that seems abstract can be made understandable through animation. Drawing makes connections where film cameras cannot – and it compresses where photorealistic images might overflow with information.

Image Films

You put yourself in the right light, make yourself identifiable as a brand. And you present what your company stands for in a compact and transparent way: Processes, history, blueprints for the future. You decide what you want to communicate about yourself – we tell it.

Motion Graphics

We also stage logos, graphic elements, titles and typography. In addition to hand-drawing, we use 2D computer animation, but we also like to use mixed approaches from both.

Short Films (Teaser and Trailer)

We advise you on content concepts, create storyboards and animatics (timed storyboard) that makes your project vivid, and develop design proposals. From design to animation to data output, we cover all production steps.

Design & Illustration

Sometimes a still image is all that’s needed. And drawn figures are also meaningful when they appear on a letterhead, as a logo or on a coffee mugs. At Protoplanet, we’re not only there for the moving – but also for the timeless form.

And they are the Protoplanets:

Antje Heyn – Creative Director

Antje studied visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee with a focus on animation and illustration. Her passion belongs entirely to the characters that are developed and brought to life together in the Protoplanet Studio. She is also a trained trainer, holds workshops for children and teaches animation at universities. Antje has an exceptional feeling for timing, movement and expression as well as for details and subtleties – which makes her the perfect supervisor – and also a lot of humanism, which she also bestows on her animated creatures.CV

Alexander Isert – Head of Animation & Script Artist

Alexander is a 2D animator and animation director. Having learnt his craft at Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, he’s been sharing his time since between working on artistic short films as well as doing commissioned work for various clients; ranging from public broadcasters to independent animation studios and NGOs. His sense for animation is as soulful as it is down-to-earth, paired with the will to experiment and go through it all.

The Protoplanet Team

The Protoplanets consists of a talented team in storytelling, screenwriting, storyboarding, illustration/artwork and animation. Whether explanatory films, image films, series projects, advertising clips, music clips, trailers or similar – we develop the right style for every project, find the right technology and respond individually to the needs of each project.

Danilo Grimm – Administrator & Production Assistant

Danilo – sometimes called “Fix-it-Nilo” – studied Economics at Freie Universität Berlin. He’s mainly responsible for technical tasks such as DCP creation, post-production and rendering. He also takes care of the protoplanet website – with him being a web analyst by profession coming in just handy. To sum it up, he does all the things nobody else wants to do 🙂