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For American director Chris Seegel’s documentary “Christy” (working title) we provided some animation sequences. The eponymous protagonist is a young British woman who is drawn to film work and Berlin’s party scene – and whose life takes a sudden shift when she is declared brain dead after a drug overdose. However, contrary to expectations, Christy regains consciousness, but finds herself blind and needing to face a completely new chapter in her existence. The primary task of the film was to illustrate an inner monologue that reflects Christy’s experiences in a realm between life and death – essentially a near-death experience. The aim was to combine reduced, yet expressive figures, and flowing dream-like movements within an almost lightless space into a stylistically coherent whole.


Animation Direction: Antje Heyn
Artwork & Storyboard: Pedram Taghavi
Animation: Pedram Taghavi, Natalie Bujnicki
Compositing: Alexander Isert