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2023 | 9:26 min | UHD | 16:9 | Stereo/Dolby 5.1 | FSK: 0 | 2D Drawn Animation

The animated short film “Forever Seven” explores the themes of originality, creativity and friendship. The coming together of strengths, community and sharing as well as ingenuity and imagination can make any everyday situation magical. By shifting one’s perspective, not only is there something new to be discovered – but one might even find a treasure.

Making of


Based on the book by Sabine Büchner
Direction: Antje Heyn, Alexander Isert
Storyboard & Animation Assistance: Johanna Hochholzer
Animatic: Konrad Weise
Animation: Alexander Isert, Leia Brunner, Anna-Lena Remme, Carlotta Steckner
Voiceover: Helge Heynold, Alexis Krüger
Translation: Micheal Turnbull
Music: Peer Kleinschmidt
Foley Artist: Peter Sandmann
Sound Design & Mixing: Anna Dorothee von Hammerstein, Joh Weisgerber