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Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

The Jiyan Foundation offers survivors of violence and their families measures for physical rehabilitation, the promotion of their emotional well-being and social reintegration. They work to ensure that survivors get their rights and are protected from further attacks. They promote civil society engagement and advocate peaceful coexistence.
In close cooperation with the Jiyan Foundation team, we developed and created the design, storyboard, dramaturgy, animation and soundtrack for this explanatory film.


Direction: Antje Heyn
Artwork: Johanna Hochholzer
Animation: Alexander Isert
Sound & Mixing: Sebastian Reuter

“Protoplanet Studio hat das Ziel unseres Projekts super verwirklicht und wunderbare Animationen erschaffen, die der Vision unserer Stiftung für das Projekt absolut entsprechen. Sie waren immer pünktlich, effizient und sehr kreativ. Wir freuen uns darauf, bei zukünftigen Projekten wieder mit ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten.”

Jiyan Foundation Team