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Kobranet Imagefilm

The “Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen” supports the founding and work of pupil companies in Brandenburg. It accompanies the pupil from the first idea to the successful start and supports ongoing projects in their development. In this hand-drawn 2D explanatory film, we show how the initially sluggish sales of Lea and her friends products is still a success story.
On the basis of a drafted text and initial image ideas from the customer, we developed the concept in close cooperation with the team of the “Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen”. We always like to invite our customers to our studio. The key concept was establishing a connection by inviting several students as protagonists as well as sympathizers – and also having a student speak the text – in order to “hit the right note”. The Character design and the 2D animation of the three students as well as several easily comprehensible situations from their careers as young entrepreneurs form the backbone of the animation film.

Schülerfirmen – Explanatory

Direction: Antje Heyn
Artwork: Johanna Hochholzer
Animation: Alexander Isert, Shenja Tatschke
Words: Team der Servicestelle Schülerfirmen, Charlotte Sieber
Voice: Sophie Schöler
Sound Design: Sebastian Reuter

“Wir sind begeistert, vor allem, wie unglaublich präzise und liebevoll das Team unsere Ideen umgesetzt hat. Gleichzeitig haben die Protoplaneten mit großer Kreativität Figuren und Settings entwickelt, die uns sofort ans Herz gewachsen sind. Die gemeinsamen Treffen zur Entwicklung unseres Films waren atmosphärisch und inhaltlich toll. Am liebsten würden wir gleich das nächste Projekt mit den Protoplaneten umsetzen. Vielen Dank 🙂 “

Das Team der Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen