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Meta Animationsfilm

Everything in META initially develops from a circle or a sphere that marks the origin. A dog walks into the picture, curiously explores the sphere – and eats it. This triggers a series of metamorphoses: from initially amorphous, chaotically successive beings, more concrete, increasingly animal-like and ultimately human-like figures emerge.
The situations in which they find themselves in, change with them in sync with their transformation – and at the same time describe an emotional journey. The ease of changing forms and visual play merge into moments of heaviness and (self-) doubt before everything ends again on a lighter note.
Complementary to the images of the metamorphosis, a voiceover text reflects topics such as creation, becoming and passing away, emptiness, separation and becoming one.

Meta – Animated Short

Direction: Antje Heyn
Animation: Alexander Isert
Artwork & Clean Up: Johanna Hochholzer
Words: Ven. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Dr. Barry Kerzin
Music: Peer Kleinschmidt
Sound & Mix: Danco Lewin, Moritz Busch