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AETAS – Seefahrerkind

For the AETAS Children’s Foundation in Munich, we have the privilege of realizing a series of cartoons that – in line with the foundation’s scope of work – deal with the subject of traumatization of children and young people. The main character of these films is the seafarer’s child, which was designed by the famous children’s book illustrator SaBine Büchner. The seafarer stands as a symbol for the work of the foundation and has to cope with the storms of life, which are physically and mentally very stressful. It receives active support from “Möwi” – a small, bright seagull.


The illustration and animation of this very sensitive topic is a demanding but at the same time very nice task for us. We develop them in constant cooperation and consultation with AETAS – and we are pleased about the trust placed in us.

Making Of

Regie: Antje Heyn
Artwork: Sabine Büchner
Animation: Alexander Isert
Storyboard & Animation Assistance: Johanna Hochholzer
Sound & Mixing: Sebastian Reuter