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And what is CAT LAKE CITY all about?

Percy Cat is looking forward to some quality time in CAT LAKE CITY, the vacation paradise for cats. Due to some stubborn beach neighbours however the spot on his bath towel is not as safe as he thinks it is; and besides, inflatable flamingos aren’t easily to handle as well. Being confident and witty, will Percy Cat save the day?

Percy Cat’s first photo shooting

Percy Cat even already had his first photo shooting … ! He’s going to appear on a double page at the new Eggplant Collective Stickermag, accompanied by 21 other wonderful artists. Soon, you can purchase it for 9,90 EUR at the Klebstoff stickermag website, the Pictoplasma shop or directly from us:

A First Glance

Here comes our very first still from the upcoming production Cat Lake City. This is an inofficial exclusive picture from Percy Cat in action on the set. Taken while Percy Cat was modelling for the new movie.

Busy working on our new animated short.