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‘Pawo’ (tibetisch für “mutig sein”) ist das magische Abenteuer einer kleinen Spielzeugfigur, die sich in einer sonderbaren Welt befindet. Dank eines seltsamen Begleiters wird sie sich ihrer Stärken und Fähigkeiten bewusst.


2015 | 7:39 min | 4K | 1.9:1 | Dolby 5.1 | 2D Drawing Animation

Direction & Production: Antje Heyn | Animation: Alexander Isert, Antje Heyn, Caroline Hamann
Animation Assistance: Johanna Hochholzer | Music: Peer Kleinschmidt
Foley Art: Peter Sandmann | Sound Editing:Steve Klingelhöfer
Voice: Alexis Krüger | Music: Peer Kleinschmidt
Re-Recording: Robert Jäger
Voices: Charles Rettinghaus, Norman Matt, Sarah Riedel, Sven Hasper

Previous & Upcoming Screenings

March 2015

39th Hong Kong Int’l Film Festival (World Animation Section) | China
5th Cineglobe Filmfest (Competition) | Switzerland
10th Athens Animfest (Animation Marathon Section) | Greece

April 2015

7th CMS Int’l Children´s Film Festival (World Cinema Section) | India
38th Grenzland-Filmtage Selb (Competition) | Germany
3rd Monstronale Festival(Children’s Competition) | Germany
31st European Film Festival of Lille (Youth programme) | France
27th International Filmfest Dresden (Kids programme) | Germany

May 2015

6th Golden Kuker Sofia (Competition) | Bulgaria
17th Future Film Festival (Drawings Animation Program) | Italy
12th Cortisonici International Short Film Festival (Competition) | Italy
16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 | Poland
6th Festival Tagliacorti (Short Movies Professionals) | Italy
Seal of Approval “Highly Recommended” | German Film & Media Evaluation Board
18th The Flying Broom Women´s Festival (Competition) | Turkey
55th Zlín Int’l FF For Children & Youth (Int’l Competition) | Czech Republic
9th Animasivo International Animation Festival | Mexico
8th Brooklyn Film Festival (Competition) | USA
13th Anifilm 06 (Children’s programme) | Czech Republic

June 2015

15th The Unprecedented Cinema Int´l Short Film Festival | Estonia
17th Mo&Friese Kinderkurzfilmfestival Hamburg (Competition) | Germany
14th Plein La Bobine Film Festival (Competition) | France
8th International Festival for Children and Youth Kinolub (Competition) | Poland
8th Islantilla Cinefórum Film Festival | Spain
11th International Short Film Festival Detmold | Deutschland

July 2015

23rd Vila Do Conde International Film Festival (Competition) | Portugal
5th Open Air Kino Grünschnitt, Kulturhaus Niederanven | Luxembourg
15th Sopot Film Festival (Competition) | Poland
23rd Anima Mundi International Animation Festival (Competition) | Brazil
1st Prize “Contest of Dreams” | Open-Air Animation Festival Insomnia | Russia
4th International Tour Film Fest | Italy
18th Guanajuato International Film Festival (Kids Section) | Mexico
5th Supertoon Interanational Animation Festival (Competition) | Croatia
16th International Short Film Festival Malescorto | Italy
3rd Ariano International Film Festival (Competition) | Italy

August 2015

20th International Children´s Film Festival | Mexico
14th Int. FF for Children and Youth Chulpicine | Ecuador
13th Cinemadamare Film Festival (Main Competition) | Italien
30th Odense International Film Festival | Denmark
20th International Children´s Film Festival La Matatena | Mexico
26th São Paulo International Short Film Festival | Brazil
8th Mosaic World Film Festival | USA
14th Festival Silouette | France

September 2015

3rd Kraljevski Filmski Festival | Serbia
10th Sardinia Film Festival (Bosa Animation Award) | Italy
15th Buster Copenhagen Int’l FF For Children and Youth | Denmark
13th Brazil´s Kids Film Festival BKFF | Brazil
5th Oderkurz Filmspektakel | Germany
9th Expotoons Animation Festival | Argentina
20th Portobello Film Festival London | England
18th Animaevka Int. Animation FF | Belarus
3rd Ferfilm International Film Festival | Kosovo
Short Film of the Month | German Film & Media Evaluation Board
10th World Festival of Animated Film Varna | Bulgaria
38th International Children’s Film Festival Lucas | Germany
18th Auburn Int. FF for Children and Young Adults | Australia
20th Milano Film Festival | Italy
17th FestcineKids Cartagena | Colombia
10th Linoleum Int’l. Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-Art
33rd Carrousel International Du Film De Rimouski | Canada
11th Budapest Short (BUSHO) Int’l. Film Festival | Hungary
5th Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children and Youth | USA
12th Reykjavik International Film Festival | Island
22nd International Film Festival KROK | Russia

October 2015

22nd Women Make Waves Film Festival | Taiwan
58th DOK Leipzig Int´l Festival for Documentary & Animated Film – Kids DOK
44th Festival du nouveau cinema de Montreal | Canada
32nd Chicago International Children’s Film Festival | USA
29th Cinekid Amsterdam – Int.l Film, Television & New Media Festival | Netherland
24th Festival de Cine de Madrid-PNR (Cinema for Kids) | Spain
6th Oaxaca Film Festival | Mexico
11th Int’l Film Festival Bogotá | Colombia
12th Konstanzer | Germany
7th Int´l Festival of Animated Films Tofuzi | Georgia
12th Balkanima European Animated Film Festival | Serbia
Children’s Jury Award | Seoul Guro Int’l Kids FF | South Korea
4th Primanima World Festival of First Animations | Hungary
12th FilmColumbia Int´l Film Festival | USA
3rd FIDEC Festival Les Enfant Terribles | Belgium
2nd The World Animation Celebration L.A. | USA
5th AnimaSao Int. Animation Festival of the San Goncalo City | Brazil
2nd New Chitose Airport Int’l. Animation Festival | Japan
25th Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg | Germany
13th Multivision Int´l Festival of Animation Arts | Russia
4th Queen City Film Festival | USA

November 2015

30th Brest European Short Film Festival | France
25th FilmFestival Cottbus | Germany
Special Mention | KUKI Int´l FF for Children & Youth | Germany
35th Amiens International Film Festival | France
24th Euroshorts Film Festival | Poland
Grand Prix Award | Pssst! Silent Film Festival | Croatia
22nd Mix Brasil Festival Culture of Diversity | Brasil
29th Leeds Int´l Film Festival | England
Little Anteaters Award | Golden Anteaters FF | Poland
45th Alcine Int´l Film Festival | Spain
12th Images en Vues Int´l Short Film Fest | Canada
17th International Short Film Festival City of Soria | Spain
19th International Children’s Film Festival | India
22nd Etuida & Anima Int´l Film Festival | Poland
12th KIN International Women’s Film Festival | Armenia
8th My First Festival Barcelona | Spain

Dezember 2015

3rd International Short Washington | USA
12th Animateka Int´l Animated Film Festival | Slovenia
10th Zubroffka Int. Short Film Festival | Poland
21st Leuven Short Film Festival | Belgium
Best Children’s Film | Brasilia Animation Festival | Brazil
18th Olympia IFF for Children & Young People | Greece
6th Cambodia Int’l Film Festival | Cambodia
11th Los Angeles Int’l Children’s Film Festival | USA
12th LIAF London Int. Animation Festival | England

Special Screening at Kino International Berlin

January 2016

2nd Childrens Film Festival Seattle | USA
26th Bamberger Kurzfilmtage | Germany
8th Bay Area Int’l Children’s Film Festival | USA
26th Tromsø International Film Festival | Norway
37th Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis | Germany
Winner Entrée | Short Soup Int’l FF | Australia
7th Maryland International Kids FilmFest | USA
5th FICAIJ Festival International de Cine | Venezuela
15th Black Movie Geneva Int´ll Independent Film Festival | Switzerland
2nd Allgäuer Filmfeschdival | Germany
18th Spokane Int’l Film Festival | USA

February 2016

63th Perth International Arts Festival | Australia
26th Film Festival Travelling in Rennes | Belgium
2nd CINI International Children’s Film Festival | Peru
Children’s Award | 17th Bayreuther Kurzfilmfestival “kontrast” | Germany
28th European Youth Film Festival of Flanders | Belgium
26th Festival Cine Junior | France
19th Providence Children’s Film Festival
20th Animac Animation Festival | Spain
Best Animated Short Film Award | 18th BAMkids Film Festival | USA
63th Perth International Arts Festival | Australia
4th Mice Fim Festival | Spain

March 2016

17th Landshuter Short Film Festival | Germany
6th Luxembourg City Film Festival | Luxembourg
19th FIFEM Montreal International Children’s Film Festival | Canada
2nd Clay-Platte Montessori School Children’s Film Festival | USA
33rd BUFF Int´l Film Festival for Children & Young People | Sweden
6th Coastline Children’s Film Festival | USA
3rd Rainier Valley Coop Gala Presentation | USA
22nd International Short Film Week Regensburg | Germany
4th Bellingham International Children’s Film Festival | USA
9th Glasgow Short Film Festival | Scotland
6th Annual Montana Int´l Children´s Film Festival | USA
20th Regard Sur le Court Metrage | Canada
17th Mecal Int´l Short Film & Animation Festival of Barcelona | Spain
16th Port Townsend Children’s Film Festival Rose Theatre | USA

April 2016

13th IndieLisboa – Lisbon Int’l Independent Film Festival | Portugal
8th WAMMFest Women And Minorities in Media Festival | USA
10th Flatpack Film Festival | UK
11th Canada International Film Festival | Canada
7th VAFI Int. Children & Youth Animation FF | Croatia
8th Rincon International Film Festival | USA
19th Kristiansand Int’l Children’s Film Festival KICFF | Norway
5th KIKI International Film Festival for Kids | Croatia
10th Henry Art Gallery | USA
12th Monterey Bay Art & Film Festival for the Youth | USA

May 2016

13th Little Big Shots Int’l Film Festival for Kids | Australia
15th Minikino Filmwwek | Indonesia
5th Int´l Animation Festival Chilemonos | Chile
6th NonStop Barcelona Animació | Spain
11th REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival | USA

June 2016

2nd Spokane Children’s Film Festival | USA
5th British Animation Festival | UK
12th Northwest Film Forum | USA
3rd Old Greenbelt Theatre | USA
5th Pachuca Film & Short Fest | Mexico
6th RabbitFest Int´l Animation Festival | Italy
2nd Salt Lake Film Society | USA

July 2016

12th Traverse City Film Festival Michigan | USA
2nd Amherst Cinema | USA
12th Lago Film Fest | Italy
Director´s Pick | Best of the Fest | 13th Little Big Shots | Australia
6th International Film Festival Ojo al Piojo | Argentina
6th Territoriya Kino | Russia
16th New Horizons Int´l Film Festival | Poland
10th Loft Kids Fest | USA
27th REEL PRIDE Film Festival | USA
2nd dotdotdot Open-Air Film Festival | Austria
13th Little Big Shots – Best of the Fest Screening | Australia

August 2016

3rd Nickelodeon Theatre, Columbia, South Carolina | USA
8th New York International Children’s Film Festival Westchester | USA
16th Scottsdale International Film Festival | USA
13th Zoom Family Film Festival | USA

September 2016

28th Girona Film Festival | Spain
6th Territoriya Kino | Belarus 21st 2ANNAS Riga | Latvia
16th Nevada City Film Festival | USA
6th Crested Butte Film Festival | USA

October 2016

10th Sunnyside Shorts Film Festival | USA
1st Haryana International Film Festival | India
Winner Audience Favorite | 10th Sunnyside Short Film Festival NY | USA
14th Taligrass Film Festival | USA
8th Comedy Cluj International Film Festival

November 2016

20th Kurzfilmtage Winterthur | Switzerland
9th Citizen Jane Film Festival | USA
8th Kinodissea | Romania
15th Two Short Nights Film Festival | UK
11th Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma d´Animation de Wissembourg | France
1st ANNY: Animation Nights New York | USA
8th Kinodissea | Romania
6th Int´l Animation Film Festival Gdansk | Poland
8th Festival ENMUT Barcelona | Spain
Special Mention | 1st Int´l Animated Short Film Festival AJAYU | Peru
46th Roshd International Film Festival | Iran
8th Enmut Festival | Spain
12th ANIMAGE – International Animation Festival of Pernambuco | Brazil
31º Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata
3rd Andorra Kid´s Film Festival | Spain

December 2016

14th International Short & Independent Film Festival | Bangladesh
4th AS Film Festival | Italy
Audience Award | 32nd Flimmerzimmer | Germany
14th Bogoshorts – Bogotá Short Film Festival | Columbia
15th Two Short Nights Film Festival | UK

February 2017

20th New York Children´s Film Festival | USA
17th KIDS FIRST! Film Festival | USA

Prädikat “Besonders Wertvoll” | FBW Germany

Kein Geschöpf tritt mutig ins Leben, ob Mensch oder Tier, Erfahrungen sind wichtig und notwendig. Der Zeichentrickfilm PAWO, das bedeutet im tibetischen „mutig sein“ bzw. „kämpfen“, stellt uns ein kleines Mädchen vor, das auf schnellen Brettern in die Welt saust. Mit einfachem, doch gekonntem Strich beschreibt der Film die Metaphern der Kindheit. Das Leben ist Abenteuer und will bewältigt werden. Auf ihrem Weg begegnen der kleinen Abenteuerin allerlei Gestalten, darunter große, kleine, Vertrauen erweckende, aber auch erschreckende. Sie muss sich wehren, muss Selbstbewusstsein gewinnen, muss mutig sein, um zu bestehen. Der Film zeigt alle diese Verwandlungen mit der Technik des einfachen Strichs, alles was neu entsteht, kommt aus dem Vorhandenen. Die Kreation der Figuren folgt der Tradition scheinbarer Einfachheit und schafft dabei einen eigenen Kosmos. Der Rahmen des Geschehens ist festgelegt, die Fahrt führt konsequent links aus dem Bild heraus, die Rückkehr erfolgt wie auf einer Bühne über die rechte Seite des Raumes. Begleitet von einer einfachen Melodie und wenigen Geräuschen kommt der Film ganz ohne Sprache aus und unterstreicht damit die Wirkung seiner Bilder. Seine Darstellung ist auch für kleine Kinder erfassbar, ohne zu überfordern, dennoch entwickelt er Schwung und Tempo durch die dargestellten Metamorphosen seiner Figuren, die ebenso amüsant wie fantastisch anmuten. Ein fantasievoller, kurzer Zeichentrickfilm für Kinder, der mit seiner klassischen Technik, die an „La Linea“ erinnert, einen Gegenentwurf zu schneller, farbiger, überwältigender Animation darstellt.

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