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2009/2010 | 7:32 min | Whiteboard Stop-Motion Animation


Lumo is a film about interaction between drawer and drawing, between two characters and between thinker and thoughts. Three scenes are linked together by a little circle (a molecule, an atom, a cell), which symbolizes the indestructable, transformable energy everything is made of. LUMO is an energy state of a molecule as well as the name of the marker the film is created with.


Direction & Animation: Antje Heyn
Music: Peer Kleinschmidt
Sound: Linus Nickl

Take a white background and a whiteboard marker ‘lumo’ and let it dance … playfully light and with fantastically elegant and fast movements using the pencil and fingers, the most different forms and shapes develop, from something new, into each other and apart. First heads were decorated with a variety of hair styles and coverings with a variety of ethnological variables are revealed. Then the world of animals explodes with humorous communication between different species. We experience a wealth of different forms and objects. And finally, a wonderful dream and thought game. The dance on the white plateau not only offers a maximum of imagination, but also impresses by the quality of its reduction in the graphic and painterly design. And even more: all of this happens in harmony with the musical accompaniment. A little masterpiece that really gives pleasure!

Awards & Grants

FBW (Seal of Approval)

Making Of

A wide variety of media and techniques can be found in the field of animation, and in choosing a technique, their respective qualities and strengths must be weighed in relation to the particular subject. The whiteboard stop-motion technique is virtually predestined for interaction because of its absolute immediacy. In this process, the drawing on a whiteboard is changed slightly, picture by picture, in a process of drawing, deleting and redrawing. The reproduction of the single image, 5334 in total, leads to an illusion of movement in the otherwise static drawings – hence the term “animation” (from the Latin: animare, “come to life”).


Int’l Festival of Animated Films AniFest 2010 | Czech Republic
Int’l Filmfest Dresden 2010 | Germany
Berliner Kurzfilmrolle 2010 | Germany
Contravision International Filmfestival 2010 | Germany
Int’l Animated Filmfestival Krok 2010 | Russia
Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forli 2010 | Italy
DOK Festival Leipzig 2010 | Germany
Diessener Kurzfilmfestival 2010 | Germany
Bradford Animation Festiva 2010 | England
Int’l Film Festival Etiuda & Anima 2010 | Poland
Euroshorts Film Festival Warschau 2010 | Poland
Galerie Hafemann 2010 | Germany
Int’l Animated Film Festival Animateka 2010 | Slowenia
Int’l Short Fiction Festival Kalkutta 2010 | India
Multivision Festival 2010 | Finland
Piccolo Animation Festival 2010 | ItalyStuttgarter Filmwinter 2011 | Germany
Tricky Women 2011 | Austria
Kurzfilme für Kinder – Mit Prädikat DVD 2011 | Germany
Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche 2011 | Germany
Landshuter Kurzfilmfest 2011 | Germany
Pop-Up Bravery Market 2011 |Russia
on3 Shortfilm Night special, BR, TV Screening 2011 | Germany
Int’l Short Film Festival Detmold 2011 | Germany
Slon 5 Animateka Education DVD 2011 | Slovenia
CUBAneo de Animación 2011 | Cuba
Goethe Institut Mumbai 2011 | India
Kino Babylon Berlin 2011 | Germany
Freies Museum Berlin 2011 | Germany
Animacam Festival 2011 | Spain
Int’l Documentary and Short FF Dokufest 2011 | Kosovo
backup_festival backup.award Blue 2011 | Germany
Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2011 | Sweden
Shortcutz Berlin 2011 | Germany
The Big Draw Berlin 2012 | Germany
Arts Bournemouth 2012 | England
Int’l Animation Festival Nikozi 2013 | Georgia
Schloss Wackerbarth Kurzfilmtag 2014 | Germany
Blicke Filmfestival 2014 | Germany
Deutsches Filminstitut Filmmuseum 2015 | Germany
Hyde Park Picture House 2015 | UK
Lichtburg Filmpalast Oberhausen 2015 | Germany
WRO Art Center Wrozlaw 2015 | Poland
Filmfest Dresden Open Air 2015 | Germany