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The showreel shows a short compilation of our productions. We mainly work with drawn frame-by-frame animation because we love the handmade style and the flexibility and freedom of the technique.

For the competition “On your marks! Citizen Science in your city” from Wissenschaft im Dialog and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, we designed the animated call for competition.

For the competition “On your marks! Citizen Science in your city” from Wissenschaft im Dialog and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, we designed the animated call for competition.

We are allowed to create a series of animated clips for the “Akademie für Lerncoaching” in Zurich. For the video series “12 impulses for teachers” the educators ask the question “What is your vision of a good school and good teaching?”

Kinolino – A mouse, an elephant, a cat, a bear and two bees join us in this fast-paced trailer.

META is a short animated film that takes up topics such as change, transience, cycle, connection, interaction in a playful and experimental way. Partly funny, partly poetic, who’s aim it is to show that everything consists of many parts and that in the end all is connected with each other.

This image film illustrates the fields of activity of the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights in the Kurdish areas of Syria and northern Iraq. Jiyan supports victims of human rights violations with medical-therapeutic and training programs, among other things.

This explanatory film shows how the “Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen” advises and supports young entrepreneurs. Pupils try out “on the market” for the first time, gain experience – and learn how to successfully sell their own offers.

The Arte editorial team asked us to describe a summer drink that has had a career in Europe for 100 years. The color orange is it’s main characteristic – and it’s history goes way back to the Habsburg’s regime.

Based on stories by Berlin illustrator Lena Hesse, we are working on a new short film project that will focus on the magic of everyday life.

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – a cat’s holiday paradise. But the place on the bath towel is not as safe as believed, thanks to stubborn beach neighbors and even inflatable flamingos are not so easy to handle …

This Arte Karmbolage episode is about a garment that is widely used in Germany, but is still largely unknown in France. From the point of view of a French mother, the advantages of this practical, but not particularly beautiful piece of clothing are pointed out.

We had the honor to animate the festival trailer for the 30th anniversary of the renowned Filmfest Dresden 2018. The Filmfest attracts more than 20,000 visitors each year. We are looking forward to seeing the trailer from the 17th to the 22nd of April in the cinema.

If there is a beginning, then there must be an end? Nope, you do not necessarily have to. In this series of animated endless loops, we were able to illustrate and animate selected world days. The main character Percy Cat holds out his cat’s head for various actions.

“In the 5-minute film, that debuted at Dresden’s film festival(ta bort), delightfully funny elements and tender side notes blend into a heartfelt storyline. Adding to the finely drawn characters and quirky wit of the story is the delightfully quirky British accent of narrator Alexis Krüger” Stockholm Film Festival

PAWO has been screened at over 200 international film festivals, received numerous awards and is still traveling around the world. It has been shown not only at film festivals, but also on television, at open air events, as part of educational programs, and sometimes even in hospitals. It is fantastic for us that so many people like the movie and we get so wonderful and warm feedback from them!

“Everything is changing, always moving and can change from one second to another. This imaginative animation shows not only the creative way of the filmmaker’s expression Antje Heyn, but also the power of illusion. Just like that, a bear changes into a sea lion, or the face of a pirate turns into the likeness of an Asian girl. This is embedded and presented charmingly at an insane pace – an animated flowing stream of thoughts, exhilarating and radiantly good.” FBW