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Animations and Productions

The combination of traditional handmade techniques and digital media has a tremendous strength in effectively communicating ideas and concepts in our time of overstimulating media. Products, brands and services can be brought into focus more effectively with convincing design and skillful animation which conveys information very effectively.

Our Work



For American director Chris Seegel’s documentary “Christy” (working title) we provided some animation sequences.

Kinolino 2023


Dresden’s Kinolino Festival commissioned us to design its festival trailer: “Sparkling & Flickering” was the motto for 2023.


Explainer Film

A film that traces his history back to the origins in the GDR and follows him through post-reunification times to current national fame.

Für Immer Sieben

Short Film

The animated short film “Forever Seven” explores the themes of originality, creativity and friendship.

Kinolino 2022


An animated film festival trailer for the Kinolino Film Festival 2022 which had the motto of “Wild by nature”.

Citizen Science

Explainer Film

An animated call for the competition “On your marks! Citizen Science in your city” from Wissenschaft im Dialog and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.



For the AETAS Children’s Foundation in Munich, we have the privilege of realizing a series of cartoons that – in line with the foundation’s scope of work – deal with the subject of traumatization of children and young people.

12 Impulses

Explainer Film

A series of animated clips for the “Akademie für Lerncoaching” in Zurich.

Kinolino 2021


A mouse, an elephant, a cat, a bear and two bees join us in this fast-paced film festival trailer.


Short Film

META is a short animated film that takes up topics such as change, transience, cycle, connection, interaction in a playful and experimental way.

Jiyan Foundation

Explainer Film

This image film illustrates the fields of activity of the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights in the Kurdish areas of Syria and northern Iraq.


Explainer Film

Explanatory film on how “Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen” advises and supports young entrepreneurs.


Explainer Film

A film explaining a summer drink with a 100 year history in Europe. The colour orange is its main characteristic and has history to the Habsburg’s regime.

Mrs O

Character Creation

Based on stories by Berlin illustrator Lena Hesse, we worked on a new short film project that will focused on the magic of everyday life.

Cat Lake City

Short Film

A short animation about Percy Cat who is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – a cat’s holiday paradise.


Explainer Film

A film about a garment widely used in Germany. From the point of view of a French mother the advantages of this practical piece of clothing are pointed out.

30th Film Festival Dresden 2018


Animated festival trailer for the 30th anniversary of the 2018 Filmfest Dresden.

Trail & Error

Short Film

A film about a lost shirt button, perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots—and a long-lost friend.


Short Film

A magical adventure of a little toy figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Screened at over 200 film festivals and received numerous awards.


Short Film

This imaginative animation shows not only the creative way of the filmmaker’s expression Antje Heyn, but also the power of illusion.